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Comprehensive Evaluation: Assess not just your National Quality Framework rating but also your childcare team, families, safety protocols, and financial operations.
Tailored Childcare Insights: Get a complete picture of your childcare service’s strengths and areas for improvement to plan for a successful future in providing the best care and education for children.
Expert Guidance for Childcare Excellence: Backed by extensive experience working with diverse childcare providers, our tool is designed to empower your childcare business and enhance the quality of care and education for children.

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Here in Australia our early learning sector is highly regulated, with good cause and all in the pursuit of quality. After working with a range of providers from large organisations to small, not for profit and for profit, I can confidently state that your quality rating under the National Quality Framework is only one measure of quality when it comes to service provision for children and families.To truly assess the quality of a service, we also need to have our basics covered when it comes to our people (teams), our families, the safety of everyone and our finance and business operations.

So, to support services in planning for the future of their business and providing the best possible care and education to children – I introduce to you, the Five Points of Quality assessment tool. Take the assessment today and plan for your future. Thanks